The Blake family made the decision to move their cabin. According to Janice Strauss (daughter of Hazel and Lloyd) She said they had to move it through 4 cities.  Huge cranes had to go ahead of the movers and lift all the electrical lines.  That would have been quite the site to see! 

Where it all began... Show Low Arizona and a place called Pinedale

This is the original location of our Cabin

when it was at Hawley Lake - Lot A30

Photo taken from behind the Pinedale Fire station

Photos curtesy of The Strauss Family

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 Pinedale school bell was purchased in 1892 and hung in the orginal log school. For 75 years it tolled throughout Pinedale Valley as a symbol of Unity.  Calling the Settlers to school, church and socials and warning of disaster.  The bell then moved to another location in 1922 but found its way back until the school was destroyed by heavy snow in 1967.

Song; "Fire on the Mogollon" by Mogollon

Our Cabin nestled on Hawley Lake 

before the Indian land lease uprise

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Our cabin was saved by the brave soul of Mr. Blake.  

As told by his daughter, Janice Strauss.... "As soon as Dad found out about the fire and how close it was to our cabin., we woke up the next day to find Dad gone.  It wasn't until my Brother called and said he had found Dad, he was on TV that we discovered where he went.  He had got in the car in the middle of the night and drove the two hours to Pinedale.  He was stopped by the road blocks and TV crew and told to turn around.  Only, he didn't turn around,  he parked the car down the road and hiked through the wood back to the cabin.   When he arrived there were already sparks landing on the roof.  He grabbed the hose and soaked the cabin for as long as it was safe to do .  Then he too had to evacuate.  We still believe Dad did save the cabin!"  - June 2009

A Great Book!  Written by one of the fire fighters that fought Rodeo-Chediski Fire.  It's a quick read - We have a copy at the cabin for you to read.

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Not actual photo

Circa 1965 original location Hawley Lake  -  Est. 2006

This photo was taken in 1945.  This road is now called the Duce of Clubs which is the main road through Show Low

Residents Forced to Move! - Some burned their homes, some tore them down and some had

home moving companies move them out!

Jump to 1984... Upheaval at Hawley Lake with the Apache Indian Tribe

Blake family photos - Hazel and Llyod Blake​ circa 1970-1980 

In the heart of it all the cabin survives...

Largest wild fire in Arizona history Rodeo-Chediski Fire 2002

Mary Vance Adair and Thomas Jefferson Adair founded a little settlement in 1895 called Adairville.  They were responsible for the name Fool Hollow. In 1885, when Adair moved into the area with the intention of farming. The locals joked that only a fool would try and farm the place. 

​​Pinedale was first known as Mortenson, after Neils Mortenson who established a Mormon settlement there in 1879. It was also known as Percheron, for the breed of stallions which Mortenson had brought with him. By 1888, however, the settlement was called Pinedale.

​In 1873, Cooley moved his family to a small cabin on the banks of what is now Show Low Creek and became a ranching partner with Marion Clark. After the legendary card game of 1876, Cooley named his newly-acquired ranch “Show Low”.  Legend says they played a card game to determine which of them would stay. The loser had to leave town and settle elsewhere. Towards the end of the game Cooley needed just one point to win. Clark turned his cards over and said, "If you can show low you win." Cooley threw down his hand of cards and said "show low it is.' And thus the name Show Low was born. 

Hidden Acres at Pinedale


Originally owned by a valley doctor then sold to the Blake Family in 1978.  1980 the big snow storm at Hawley Lake - Blake Family

Photo curtesy of The Strauss Family

Going Fishing! Twin Buicks driving across a creek in the White Mountains photo from 1918

Fast Forward to 1965... When our cabin was located at Hawley Lake Arizona

Pinedale has the only covered bridge in Arizona

In 1956 the little town of Adairville was covered with water and is now at the bottom of Fool Hollow Lake